The end goal of any resource that we produce at C3 is ultimately to drive you to the source, the text, Scripture itself. With that in mind, we tried to reimagine what a daily resource would look like and we concluded one thing: Any daily devotion that doesn't begin and end with, and isn't saturated by Scripture isn't worth doing.

So we're changing the daily devotional aspect of the CG study guide. While the guide itself will still contain the commentary and small group questions that you use on a weekly basis, no longer will the daily devotions be centered around the Sunday sermon. Instead, we are going to embark on a grand journey together as a faith family: To read through the entire Bible in two years. All of this has simple one goal in mind, to foster a love for God and to encourage us all to dwell on the living and active Word and not the thoughts of men.

We will still incorporate some commentary and other devotional resources from time to time that illuminate the text, but the main focus of each daily devotional will simply be the two or three chapters of Scripture that have been assigned for that day. There will also be a couple of questions that we will attach to the reading in order to encourage your personal study of the text, but we hope that those questions will simply be an entry point into the majestic riches of Scripture itself.

With all of this in mind, we have attached two different resources to help guide you in this journey, if it is one that you have never taken before. These two resources are "A Simple Guide for Personal Worship" and "A Simple Guide for Family Worship," both of which have a common goal. The Personal Worship Guide is simply a guide to what it means to really study the Bible for yourself and to record your thoughts as you do so. Frequently, that habit has never been modeled for us, and so we wanted to remove any barriers to the study of Scripture; hopefully this guide helps in that endeavor. Similarly, the Family Worship Guide is exactly what it sounds like, a helpful introduction to and explanation of "family worship," a concept with which many of us may be unfamiliar. But both of these guides point to one shared goal: that hopefully your personal study of the Word over the next two years will not simply remain an intellectual exercise, but will be something that spills out into every corner of your life, and by extension the life of your family. We long for the gospel to remain at the core of every family in our church, and we desire that the Word is cherished above all else in every home that calls C3 their church. We encourage you to read through the Family Worship Guide and consider what it would mean to model for your children and everyone in your home what it means to pursue God's Word together as a family.

We hope that these are helpful discipleship resources as we walk, learn, and pursue together the grand story of grace and mercy that is the Bible.