C3’s Seminary

How Do I Study the Bible?
Fall 2019
Sundays at 9:00 am
Chassidy Rogers : rogerschassidy@gmail.com

How do I study the Bible? Whether it was last week or last year, this is a question we have all asked. This eight-week introductory inductive bible study class is designed to not only grow your affections for God’s word, but to equip you to be able to personally interpret, apply it, and maybe even teach it.

Holy Bible (The teacher will be using the ESV translation)
A one inch, three-ring binder with notebook paper and 8 dividers.
Highly Recommended:
For Women - Women of the Word by Jen Wilkin
For Men - How to Study the Bible by John MacArthur

Weekly homework questions will include bible reading and practicing skills learned in class.

Due to the limited amount of space, it is quite possible that someone was not able to join this class. Since you are in, we ask that you make it a priority to be present and prepared weekly. If for some reason you are unable to attend, please email your teacher in a timely fashion.
(Childcare is provided. Just check them in as you regularly would for Sunday morning.)


9/8/19—Introduction: What is bible study? What is biblical literacy? Why does it matter?
9/15/19—Identifying Unhelpful Bible Reading/Study Approaches
9/22/19—Looking for the Big Story—Identifying a General Framework for the Bible
9/29/19—Getting Specific Part 1—Exegesis and the 5 P’s
10/6/19—Getting Specific Part 2—Exegesis Continued and Praying the Scriptures
10/13/19—Building a Process
10/20/19—Look. Learn. Live. (Practice)
10/27/19—Look. Learn. Live. (Practice)

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“By the grace of God, I love his word. I want others to love it, too! I believe that there is no greater pursuit than knowing God through the scriptures. My desire is to help believers study and understand the bible, teaching them simple yet helpful methods to increase their understanding of and love for the very words of God.”

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