I have read the vision and mission statements of Connection Community Church of Rowlett and commit to live out this vision and mission as a diligent and faithful disciple of Jesus Christ. I understand that this covenant obligates me to the other members of C3 and is an acknowledgment of my submission to the elders of the church in all areas of spiritual discipline. I accept the responsibility to notify C3 leadership if at any time I can no longer commit to this covenant, or if I have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding C3.

Each adult (over 18) member of a household must fill out this entire form for themselves.

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Briefly share your story of salvation. . . how and when Jesus saved you, and at what age you were baptized (Baptism is required for membership at C3; you can find out more about being baptized at C3 here: http://www.c3rowlett.com/baptism/). Don't worry about making this sound "just right" your story of salvation is a miracle in and of itself!
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