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C3’s Seminary

Coming from the Latin seminarium, our hope is to provide you, a member of C3, with an accessible, affordable “seed plot” in which you can grow in the knowledge of God and bear fruit.

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FALL 2019
How Do I Study the Bible?

For men and women, this eight-week introductory inductive bible study class is designed to grow your affections for God’s word and equip you to be able to personally interpret and apply Scripture.
This class is full.


FALL 2019
You and Me Forever

For married couples, this seven-week marriage class is intended to first grow your affections for Jesus and then each other. With weekly reading and discussion, you and your spouse will gain a greater understanding of what your marriage means in light of eternity.



What is Theology?

For students and adults, men and women, this eight-week introductory class aims to define theology, highlight the importance of theology, and create in us a high view of God and his Word.



For singles and couples, this nine-week class is designed to help you eliminate debt and take baby steps towards a more financially stable future.