September 17-September 23, 2017


Genesis 45:1-28


A high view of God’s sovereignty leads us to be able forgive others. Joseph understood that, even though it was his brothers who sold him into Egypt, it was God who ultimately sent him there in order to preserve life. Joseph was, therefore, able to forgive his brothers, quick to encourage them to not beat themselves up over what they did to him, and eager to bless them and the rest of the family. 

In your CG this week, talk about how your view of God’s sovereignty can affect your ability to forgive (positively or negatively). Spend time with the Scriptures below and ask yourself the following questions:

Do you believe like Jospeh that God is sovereign and in control of all things? How does the forgiveness of others depend on your view of God’s sovereignty? 

How do you struggle with forgiveness? What might help you become a person more ready to forgive, comfort, and bless when people sin against you? Read Matthew 6:14-15. Do you believe this verse applies to you or just to those who have hurt you? 

Read Ephesians 4:31-32. What are some practical things you could do this week to practice forgiveness in view of God’s sovereignty? Perhaps you can use this fill in the blank with someone: 

Person’s name I forgive you for their sin. But don’t beat yourself up over what you did. God explain how God used their evil for good. Then seek to bless them.


Read Matthew 6:14-15.

Read Ephesians 4:31-32.

Read Psalm 115:3.

Read Romans 9:19-21.