November 26-December 2, 2017


Romans 11:33-36


C3 believes God is the source of all blessing, temporal and spiritual. All that we are and have…we owe to Him. As a Christian, we are in debt spiritually to the rest of the world, because we are now a trustee of the Gospel (Romans 1:14-15). God has set us free from bondage to serve Him with our time, talents, and material possessions, which have been entrusted to us by God for the use of His glory and for helping others (Malachi 3:8-12). Christians should contribute out of their means cheerfully, worshipfully, regularly, and liberally for the advancement of the Kingdom (2 Corinthians 9:6-9) ( 

In your CG this week, talk about what it means to be saved to the glory of God Alone. Spend time with this week’s Scriptures below and reflect with the following questions and prompts:

What truths from this week’s text do you specifically need to believe and obey?

Confess how you have attempted to scrutinize the ways of God. How have you attempted to be his counselor? What repayment have you demanded because of your “gift” to him? But in humility, also confess the truth found in this verse.

Pray Romans 11:33-36. Pray for your unbelieving friends—that God would reveal himself to them through your witness so that they too would be saved to his glory alone.