April 15-April 21, 2018


Romans 3:21-25a


“The Bible uses a strange word to describe what Christ did for us when He drank the cup of God’s wrath in our place: propitiation…I believe a word that forcefully captures the essence of Jesus’ work of propitiation is the word exhausted. Jesus exhausted the wrath of God. It was not merely deflected and prevented from reaching us; it was exhausted. Jesus bore the full, unmitigated brunt of it. God’s wrath against sin was unleashed in all its fury on His beloved Son. He held nothing back.”

In your CG this week, discuss propitiation. Spend time also with this week’s Scriptures below and reflect with the following questions and prompts. 


M: Romans 1:16-18 T: Romans 3:21-25a W: Isaiah 53:4-5 TH: Galatians 2:16-21

Read Isaiah 53:4-5. What truth(s) do you need to submit to by faith? 

Confess if you are still trying to be justified by works. Confess, according to Romans 3:23-25a how a person is truly justified.   

Pray for the nations. Pray for the people of London, Congo, and Dubai. Pray for our missionaries (Rigneys, Rwegos, and Tardys) to be able to share the good news of justification by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ Jesus alone.